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Dog Training and Behavior Modification

Train ... don't complain!

Your dog is happiest when he can be an accepted part of your family.  This is most enjoyable for both your dog and your family when your canine companion has good manners and knows what you expect and how he can please you.

We train with positive reinforcement not coersion.  Your dog really wants to please you, but you have to be able to communicate to him what it is you want and also that it will benefit him to work with you.  Showing him what earns a reward is a win-win for both of you.
Training Options

We offer three types of training options for you and your dog.

​1.  Private Lesson - One on one classes for you and your dog.  These are usually 30 minutes and each lesson gives you information to work on with your dog at home.  Additional lessons build on the previous ones, so training can be customized to the special needs of each dog and owner.  Some people just need a lesson or two to get them started on the right track with a new puppy.  Other owners enjoy regularly scheduled lessons to make sure they are progressing and can enjoy learning advanced training ideas.  The cost is $30/half hour.

2.  Dog-to-dog Socialization -  In some cases, spending time at the kennel under supervision while dogs learn to interact safely with other dogs can be a benefit for dogs which may have missed out on early socialization with their kind or who may act out with fear based aggression when meeting other dogs.  The cost is $26/day

3.  Board-and-Train -  Dogs stay with me for a period of 2 to 4 weeks for daily training.  The owners receive a private lesson after each two weeks of training.  Dogs are worked daily on basic obedience and whatever behavioral issues most concern their owner.  The length of time required is determined on a case by case basis.  This method may help jump start the progress for a dog.  It allows me to get to know your dog and better design a customized training plan for him/her.  After the dog goes home, continued training is, of course, required by the owner to keep the progress going.  The cost is $350/week which includes daily boarding care as well as training time.

Students who took and passed their CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Test.