Animal Care Center Mariposa
Your best friend's best friends
Boarding Care
What You Can Expect
While your pet is with us, you can expect him or her to be cared for in a thoughtful, knowledgeable and loving manner.  We will provide secure, clean and safe accommodations for your pet.  We have chosen to spread our dog boarding in various sites on our property.  This allows for less stress for your pet as he/she is not surrounded by large numbers of strange dogs during his/her stay with us. 

 We feed premium dog and cat foods to provide optimum nutrition.  Routine care includes twice daily feeding.  If provided, your pet’s regular diet may be substituted  for the food we provide.  In addition, a special   “bed-time” treat is given last thing at night.

Due to the risk that some dogs eat bedding when they are under stress, we do not supply it.  However, your pet’s own bed may  be brought from home if desired.  You are welcome to leave a favorite toy or anything you feel would make your pet more comfortable ... as long as you do not leave anything with us that would cause you to be upset if it becomes lost or damaged.

Animal quarters are cleaned as necessary, but at least twice daily.

Local Animal Control does require us to use bark collars on any dog that may be deemed a disturbance to the neighborhood.  You may provide your own, or we will use ours if it becomes necessary.  In that event there will be a $2/day surcharge for the use of our equipment.
In the event of an unexpected medical problem with your pet, we will make every effort to contact you or your designated emergency contact.  You can be assured that prompt veterinary care will be provided if needed.

Our facility is not your typical urban kennel.  We intentionally spread the run areas out over our 7 acres to minimize the number of dogs in a given area.  This makes the setting less stressful and safer for you pet.  Just as you live in or are visitng our rural area to enjoy the fresh air and peacefulness, so will your pet.   Our Individual dog runs vary from 50 sq ft to over 200 sq ft.   Each run has a large outdoor portion which is completely covered to provide shelter from the elements, as well as protection from climbing out or any other animal climbing in.  In addition, each run has an indoor sleeping area.  Dogs have the option of moving in and out at will.  In addition to their individual runs, each set of four runs is connected to a small exercise yard.  The run gates can be open to allow the dogs time out for play and interaction with caretakers or with other dogs.   If the owner wishes to allow dog to dog interaction, a determination is made based on our evaluation of the suitability of the dogs who are here at the same time.  Every precaution is taken to assure that dogs interacting with each other are compatible in size and temperament, but it must be acknowledged that dogs can be dogs and unexpected scuffles may occur.

Individual cat-condos are 30 cu ft. with perches placed at two levels to allow cats to seek high spots for resting.  The front of each condo is glass to allow a view both in and out.

Birds are kept in our home and as such, we only book a bird (or birds) from one family at a time.  We prefer that you supply your bird's own cage, but if that is not possible,we can probably supply a suitable cage for your pet's stay with us.